LOCATION: Zurich, Switzerland
YEAR: 2012
STATUS: Conceptual Design
PROGRAM: Cultural hall

The project has two conflicting facts. The site is in the park. The program is a cultural hall. It means, considering the site condition, the architecture should be open to the outside. On the other hand it has to be closed, considering the function. To give a common ground for both, an arcade space surrounds the space inside. It creates middle space in between inside and outside. Besides that, repetitive columns create strong contrast between the homogeneity of artificial elements and heterogeneity of nature elements.

The idea comes from Publisher Mondadori by Oscar Nieymeier in Milan, which has concrete arches as a outside structure and a glass box in it. According to the location of reference, the project is placed nearby the lake in older to create a relationship with it. To make the project fit into the site, a wooden structure is used for the outside and the glass box is replaced by concrete covered with granite. As a result, the box reflects nature elements, and becomes slightly invisible.

The main structure is wooden arches, which hold the roof. The interior wooden wall and concrete boxes are independent from the structural ones. Two arches on the lower level are made of concrete, holding seat places above.

Each arch is composed of 7 layers of plates. And these are prefabricated in a factory, brought to the site and assembled there by tightening bolts. On the joint, each plate comes from different direction one by one mutually. By this scheme, the edge of arches from each direction can have notch-like shape and it meshes with another.