LOCATION: Wierden, The Netherlands
YEAR: 2015
STATUS: Competition

The Dutch landscape, which is characterized by its composed shapes, lines, shores and colors, has in fact only one true natural appearance; the infinitely changeable face of the sky. Bombastic thunderous clouds, light-blue emptiness, gray drizzle or pink-orange glow like a warm blanket over the plain; the state of the sky is the background of the existence, reaching from the horizon to the sky and sunk in the earth, in the innumerable lakes, ponds, rivers, canals, and the sea.

The sky is a subject that is inextricably bound up with Dutch modern art for this reason. From the 17th century, there has been unprecedented appreciation and interest in the play between light, air and water, which takes place daily above our heads. This search for a visual representation of an object that is constantly in motion has led to the manifestation of a portrait of the country, with the sky as a face.

This uncontrollable phenomenon of smooth shades, floating white globs or smudges and dense gloomy darkness, reveals the artificial appearance of the ground on which they live. The soil in which they dig ponds, plant trees, cut ditches and draw dry land from the wet.

This work is an ode to this phenomenon, a portrait of the true face of the Netherlands. Like a canvas on an easel, it reflects the constantly changing image of the sky. A work with two contrasting forms: a plastic reflection, framed as a cut-out in the panorama of trees, plants, banks and water, and a robust tectonic wooden structure, like an easel that supports a work in progress.

Placed on the island in the middle of the lake, one can not approach the work, but only consider it from the surrounding banks, with the lake as the background and as part of the observation of the work. And it not only offers a reflection on the image of the Dutch landscape, the artificial as well as the natural, but also encourages us to reflect on ourselves. It attempts to give substance to the vacuum in our consciousness, caused and absorbed by the oppression of the time in which we live. It responds to the desire for change, the desire for a lighthearted existence.